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We have had over 15 years experience in garden design, construction and maintenance and so decided to offer a sustainable alternative low maintenance solution whilst also encouraging birds and bees  to return to peoples gardens. We farm and cut our Bee Wild Turf fresh to order.

We have created 3 beautiful wild flower belts on our farm which we immensely enjoy and have noticed a significant increase in wildlife of every type. Hedgehogs galore.  Bee Wild Turf would like you to share this adventure and enjoy this experience in your very own garden.

Bee Wild Turf is grown on a small farm nestled at the base of the foothills of Broughton Down, famous for its wildflowers.

Bee Wild Turf is irrigated with water sourced from the bore hole on the farm.

Bee Wild Turf is cut fresh to order and is supplied as a ready to roll out Meadow, offering instant colour and maturity.

This is very low maintenance, requiring only one cut per year. Most importantly these act as a magnet for birds, bees and are insect friendly.

Bee Wild Turf is available in 3 stunning colour schemes providing all year round interest and beauty

Bee Wild Turf will create a breath taking visual effect extenuated by variations of colour throughout the year and it attracts an abundance of wildlife. It encourages biodiversity by providing an exclusive habitat for a vast range of pollinators, birds and insects.

The Cottage, Heathman Street, Nether Wallop, SO20 8EW

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