Measurement guide & pricing

Prices vary depending on amount required and delivery location. Please use guidelines and calculatr below to help you calculate the amount of turf required and then contact us on 01264 782029 or email for a quotation or for further advise.

A guide to calculating how much turf you need

(looks a bit complicated so call if you need more help)

Square / rectangle

Length x Width = Area

Eg. 4m x 2m = 8m2


Length x Width ÷ 2 = Area

Eg. 4m x 2m ÷ 2 = 4m2


R = 6m

Area (A) = 3.4 x R2

Eg. 3.4 x 36m = 113.04m2

You can now enter your calculated area into our turf calculator to see how much turf you’ll need.

Select turf required

Rolls Required £  + VAT

Place an order by calling or emailing

01264 782029

This information & calculator is designed as a guide. Bee Wild Turf do not accept responsibilty for any miscalculations

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